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Why-How-What?  The Purpose of the Women's Department

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Our ministry is a grassroots ministry. We value your feedback. If you have some input regarding this website or other areas, can you take a moment and let us know? 


Our mission is to encourage and celebrate unity in Christ among Baptist women of the world and work towards peace, reconciliation, justice and development through prayer, witness and service.


Baptist women from every continent standing together, growing in effectiveness, and impacting our world for Christ.

Core Values


We value standing together in fellowship, enabling one another in times of adversity and in times of celebration as we work together for the extension of God's Kingdom.

Unity in Diversity

We value our differences for they encourage a more holistic experience of God.


We value consistency of belief and practice in each woman's life.  We work together to enhance and strengthen the identity we each have been given in Christ Jesus.


We value working towards the justice that is inherent in the reign of Christ; a justice that promotes reconciliation and equal participation for all persons regardless of race, gender, age, status or cultural background.


We value service as our genuine response to the love we have experienced in Christ Jesus and as the way He desires us to express and develop our God given gifts.


Women's development

Is an area of the Women's Department ministry devoted to help women grow to their full potential in order to impact the world around them.

End Result:

Women, who know that they are created in the image of God, recognize their value and use the opportunities available to develop and exercise their gifts in order to build a better world.
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social ministry

Is an area of the Women's Department ministry designed to create awareness of and to meet specific human needs.

end result:

Positive change in women's lives as a result of projects and activities undertaken.

corporate identity

Is an area of priority related to making known the distinctive ministry of the Women's Department.

end result:

A compelling image that creates a desire in Baptist women to become involved in the Women's Department ministry.
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development of resources

Is an area of priority related to discovering, developing and sharing the various resources needed to achieve our mission.

end result:

Sufficient financial and human resources in order to operate in such a way that the Women's Department can accomplish an effective ministry in the world.
Distribution of Day of Prayer Offering

The work of BWA Women is solely funded by Day of Prayer offerings and through donations by individuals and groups who share our passion for connecting Baptist women.