Get Involved!

BWA Womens Department

here are thirteen ways you can get involved!

BWA Women exists as a platform to help Baptist women come together because, we believe that

When Baptist Women come together in Christ, God creates Shalom for everyone!

You want to be part of this story, but do not know how you could? Here are some examples:

  1. Good news! If you are involved in reaching out to a hurting world and belong to a Baptist church you are already involved! Anything any one of us does is our joint contribution to God’s new world.

And there are amazing things that Baptist women do to alleviate poverty, help provide clean water, fight human trafficking, care for victims of human trafficking, care for refugees, help the sick, develop communities, help communities prosper, engage marginalized people and peoples, teach, preach, lead Bible Study and other groups in church and out, are involved politically, are advocates for the rights of women, prevent abuse of women and children, care for orphans, help widows get a new life, council the traumatized, work with vicariously traumatized, fight epidemic outbreaks of illness, fight HIV/AIDS; they work on reconciliation and peace building, connect Baptists and other Christians, and so much more.

  1. You can be more intentional about the global perspective of your work:

*Participate in the Global Day of Prayer of Baptist Women (popularly called DOP)

* Set up DOP if your local church has not yet participated (see BWA WD Web page)

* Pray daily for the global community of the Baptist and especially for the women

* Participate in the World Minute of Prayer on our Facebook page all during the year

  1. Get online

* Check web page regularly

* Check FB and contribute

* Write short pieces to let us know about your work

* Make our Social Media Editor aware of your blog and books you have written

* Help us find friends by sharing

  1. Share concerns

*Tell us what it is like to be a Baptist woman in your church, society and region

* Be involved in the Webzine material (write stories that can be published on the life of Baptist Women and their ministry, conduct interviews with persons of interest, contribute information on important outcomes and events in your union)

*Tell us how the global community could help your women in their strife

  1. Get involved in your Regional Baptist Women’s Union

                *By suggesting names for office

                * By offering help

  1. Plan on coming to the Quinquennial Conference and Celebration in Rio 2020

* Start saving up funds to come

* Motivate friends to join with you (and start saving for the trip)

* Consider paying for a younger prospect leader to help them come if you cannot come yourself

* Send us a TED-Talk like video of 10-15 minutes on (and use visuals if appropriate)

                Lessons you learned about Christian life that can be helpful to others

                Local ministries that need attention (what they do and how they change your world)

                Experiences with God that can encourage others

The best we will invite to share it with the whole Rio conference. You may also see them on our FB.

  1. Help us with the Directory of Baptist Women globally

* Help us identify women leaders with global perspective from your environment            

                Good speakers

                Proven counsellors

                Balanced theologians

                Emerging (young) leaders

  1. Send us reviews (up to 250 words) to feature on our resource page (in English or with English translation)

* Of books you found truly helpful and original

* Of Bible studies that encourage and lift up women for ministry

* Of other media contributions (including film etc)

* Of the best of your organisation/publisher products

  1. Help us with our on-going research on the status of women in Baptist churches

* Let us know about your own experience as a woman in your church

* If you are a sociologist and would like to participate in professional research on the matter let us know

* If you are a student who would like to be involved in this research

  1. Apply to take part in the BWA Women delegation to the UN CSW (in October each year; the consultation is in March)

  1. Be a ministry assistant

* Advocating for women; let us know of specific local things that need global attention;

* Lay out consultant: tell us how well we are doing presenting our work

* Lay out: let us know is you would volunteer your expertise in creating art for conferences and projects; also re-doing the  Day of Prayer booklet

* Legal advice: if you are a lawyer or bookkeeper with international experience you can make us smile

  1. Put your name up for office, or suggest capable leaders to become part of Continental Union and BWA Women Board

* Your regional CU (please follow regional webpages to find when names are to be submitted)

* BWA Women (please follow BWA Women web page to view advert

or you can get involved financially