Extra Resources

BWA Womens Department

24 Hour Prayer Vigil! 

Check out the BWA Women's Department Facebook Page on November 6th! Send your photos from your Day of Prayer event!  It's a powerful way to get a feel for the great body of Baptist women which we are all part of!


Bible Study #2 by Patricia Ihlenfeldt

(Bible Study #1 is part of the printed program)


History of the Day of Prayer - French (Click Here)

History of the Day of Prayer - Espanol

Video about Day of Prayer featuring former officers 

VIDEO: 2017 Day of Prayer Presentation

VIDEO GREETINGS from Moreen Sharp, Interim Executive Director

Arise, Shine theme song video with sound track

If you have other ideas you would like to share here, please send them to womenbwa@bwawd.org

2017 WGT Bastenlanleitung Einladungskarten