Calendar of Events

BWA Womens Department

                          2017 and Beyond

This is a sampling of events that the Women's Department board members are involved with. Please use this calendar to be informed, encouraged and also as a prayer reminder as we certainly could use your prayers! Thank you!

August 20-24:  Baptist Women's Union of Africa's Quinquennial Conference
Arise and Be Influential Beyond Horizons (Gen. 4:40-41) was at Mulungushi University, Zambia.
BWUA's new officers were elected for the 2017-2022 term. 
                                                           New Officers of BWUA: 2017-2022

October 19-22: New Dreams:NABWU Assembly 2017 (Isaiah 43:19), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At this quinquennial event, new officers were elected for the 2017-2022 term.
NABWU Assembly
                                            Commissioning Service with outgoing and incoming officers

November 6:    2017 Day of Prayer!


January 5-10:  Moreen Sharp and Dione Vasconcelos in Brazil for 2020 conference site selection
                            and conference planning with Local Planning Committee

January 11-15: Moreen speaking at the Bolivian Baptist Women's conference in Sucre, Bolivia

March 12-16: BWA Women contingent attending the Commission on the Status of Women at the 
                           United Nations in New York

               Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

august 29-September 1, 2018  asian Baptist women's union quinquennial conference

               Penang, Malaysia

September 20-23, 2018:  European Baptist Women Quinquennial Conference
              Lviv, Ukraine   "Love One Another: John 15:12"


July 17-20, 2020  Women's Leadership Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil